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Love is in the air - crystallized phone cases by Icy Couture
Made in ss8 crystals; Colors used: Background: Cosmojet; other colors: Light Rose, Clear

Love is in the air - crystallized phone cases by Icy Couture

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 Why send your only phone?
 Snap-on faceplates require no tools! Just snap directly on your phone and instantly become Glam with genuine Swarovski Phone by Icy Couture!
To keep your phone slick and sexy, we crystallize phones or cases in  smaller sizes of Swarovski crystals to assure higher quality design.
*Our regular size of crystals is ss12 and smaller. We use three sizes in each design to create higher in quality crystal work. 
*If you are on budget, you could downgrade to size ss16, however we strongly recommend not to do so if you are looking for delicate & classy appearance. Keep in mind that we do not take responsibility for your choices.
Only ICY Couture gives lifetime guarantee!
If something happens and you drop your phone, loosing some  crystals, you could always send it back to us to get it fixed for free (!) as many times as needed,  no questions asked!
If you wish to fix it yourself, with every package we send extra crystals in every size and color used in your design.

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